Mr. Muhamed Ashhar Abdul Latheef

Executive Director

Driven with a vision of creating a Group capable of catering to the growing needs of organizations globally, Mr. Muhamed Ashhar has played an instrumental role in creating Hercules Global.

He has expanded horizons strategically in order to always be able to provide a comprehensive, unparalleled and excellent solutions no matter where the client is located. His experience in various project management and consultancy roles, as well as his active role as a key board member of the Hercules Group, gives him foresight and enables him to lead and direct overcoming obstacles.

An avid reader of comics and movie lover, Mr. Ashhar is also up to date with all information in parallel universes, alternate realities, superpowers and has always been a better choice for reviews than "rotten tomatoes" and "IMDB".

Mr. Ritesh Kanojiya

Operations Director

Burning with the passion for being the best service and solution provider in the market, Mr. Ritesh Kanojiya constantly ensures that clients are well looked after by always providing options and choices to clients to choose from keeping in mind the clients budget, time schedule and requirement is always satisfied.

His Master's Degree in Business Administration with Major's in Finance and Operations grants him extensive experience negotiating and managing major commodity agreements throughout the Middle East, South East Asia, Europe and U.S.A.

Despite his senior position and sharp negotiation skills, Mr. Ritesh is a fun loving family man with a keen sense of adventure and love for the outdoors.

Mr. YashochandraKaladhar

Assistant Manager - Supply Chain & Logistics

Working round the clock to ensure clients receive their goods before time, Mr. Yashu, with his knowledge and vast experience sees to it that no possible option has been overlooked or corners cut when it comes to packing, planning and coordinating deliveries.

His network and association with major freight forwarders globally enables him to have various options and cost saving methods to deliver goods in all corners of the globe with the utmost care and professionalism.

Despite his young age, Mr. Yashu has impressed various logistics firms as well as clients with his knowledge and commitment to provide better service.

A lover of the arts, Mr. Yashu is himself a dancer, painter and a Brown Belt holder hence enabling him to "dance-off", "paint red" and "beat down" the competition.

Mr. Abhijith Albert Alex

Procurement Manager – Subcontracts

The quiet and peaceful ones are the most dangerous ones - don't let his sleepy look or sheepish grin fool you. Known for taking pride in his work and having the knack to learn and grow parallel with the global market, Abhijith Albert Alex will do what it takes to ensure that his prices and engineering skill cannot be compared to.

Outside work, he is well known among his circles as one that is fun to hang around, very social and one who can be relied and depended on no matter what time of the day it may be.

He is the perfect blend and balance of passion for work and life that most of us strive to achieve.

Mr. Sanjay Kumar

IT Consultant

Not looking to jump, but instead to lead the bandwagon in this digital age, Hercules Global enlisted the support of renowned yet up to date and tech savvy veteran, Mr. Sanjay Kumar, to pave the way for Hercules Global in the field of IT services, security and solutions.

With over 13 years of hands-on experience in the IT fields of analysis, design, development and implementation of IT Solutions and over 6 years in reconciliation domain it comes as no surprise that Mr. Sanjay Kumar has worked with some of the most high profile IT Firms in existence such as Avian Netsoft Technologies, Project Cybernation Pvt. Ltd., Software Data India Ltd and the famed Tata Consultancy Services.

During this period he has serviced and surpassed the expectations of his high profile clients including but not limited to large investment banks such as Barclays and the Bank of America.

Now aiming to provide the same unparalleled service in the Middle East, Mr. Sanjay has partnered alongside Hercules Global, in order to cater the growing needs of the blossoming market.

So relax, be assured and know that you have one of the brightest debugging and solving all your enterprise system problems ready to assist you all the way towards achieving your goals and targets.